Brian Eno Shares Cosmic Video For ‘Garden Of Stars’

Brian Eno Shares Cosmic Video For ‘Garden Of Stars’

Brian Eno recently shared a new video for “Garden Of Stars,” produced by Eno and long-time collaborator and album artwork creator Nick Robertson.

“Garden Of Stars” appears on the first half of Eno’s most recent album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE.

Of the video, Eno says, “Imagine a being huge enough to have our universe as a plaything, and to watch in fascination as that universe is born, flourishes and finally snuffs itself out.or alternately divides into a million parallel selves.”

“‘The Garden Of Stars’ video imagines the creation of stars as occurring in a garden where exotic new cross breeds of flowers are created and populate the heavens,” says Robertson. “Each one a unique variation on a universal blueprint.”

(Photo: Cecily Eno)

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