Burger Quest for the Best Burger in Oregon!

The Burger Quest has come to an end but during the journey we found some of Oregon’s Greatest Burgers, including our Burger Quest Champion, The Eugene Burger Company! You can find all 8 of our burger adventures below, and you won’t find a bad burger in the bunch. Check out our taste tests and then go on your own delicious Burger Adventure. Thank you to the Oregon Beef Council for making Burger Quest happen!

Burger Quest Champion: Eugene Burger Company

The first stop on our Burger Quest adventure was voted the Champion on Burger Quest!
The Eugene Burger Company, 296 E 5th Ave Suite 203B in the 5th Street Market Eatery

Burger Quest Week 2: Retro Burger Company

Retro Burger Company, 242 N 2nd St, Jefferson, OR

urger Quest Week 3: Cornucopia

Cornucopia on 17th Street, 5th Street Market, and Main Street in Springfield

Burger Quest Week 4: Chow Gastropub

Chow Gastropub at 471 S A Street in Springfield

Burger Quest Week 5: Bo & Vine Burger Bar

Bo & Vine at numerous location in Oregon

Burger Quest Week 6: Gotcha Burger

Gotcha Burger at 1702 W 7th Ave in Eugene, OR

Burger Quest Week7: Slangers

Slangers at Fstop Fitzgeralds at 335 Grove St NE, Salem, OR

Burger Quest Week 8: Burgers on the Run

Burgers on the Run at Oakshire Public House at 207 Madison St in Eugene, OR


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