Emeralds Announce “Exploding Whale” Alternate Identity

The Eugene Emeralds have announced their Exploding Whale alternate identity. Starting in April, the Emeralds will become the Exploding Whales for four different games (April 12, April 22, May 6 and August 19). The Emeralds have worked with the city of Florence, the mayor, the city council, and other business leaders in Florence to carefully create this alternate identity. All Exploding Whale merchandise can be found at https://emeralds.milbstore.com

The Exploding Whale identity is a reference to an event that occurred in November of 1970 in the city of Florence. A 45-foot-long sperm whale washed ashore on the coast that weighed just short of eight tons. The state’s Highway division had jurisdiction over the beaches and after consulting with the United States Navy, they decided to remove the whale using dynamite. The hope was that it would result in small pieces for animals to consume. The result was an event that would be remembered in the history books.

The Emeralds are beyond ecstatic to be embodying this identity, and we hope it can bring awareness to not only climate change but its effects on whale migration patterns as well. At all of our four Exploding Whale games this season, the Emeralds will be providing an educational component to the night, by using videos and other forms of media to bring attention to the challenges presented by climate change and whale migration.

An alternate identity is more than just using a different logo for a day. It’s about embracing an idea and completely changing the team’s identity. From jerseys to stadium decor, it’s a complete overhaul of what fans have come to expect. It helps bring awareness and draws attention to the identity, which can be used to help bring positive change.

The Emeralds had a great experience working with the city on creating this incredible alternate identity, and we hope this will bring recognition to the great city of Florence.

The Eugene Emeralds are the High-A affiliate of Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants. The Eugene Emeralds are dedicated to providing the best in family entertainment and creating a fun, safe environment for everyone to enjoy watching a baseball game. For more information, please visit our website at www.EmeraldsBaseball.com or call the Emeralds front office at 541-342-5367.

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