DumbAssOfTheDay – March 5, 2015

A guy in New Jersey got ‘burned’ while praying at a local Applebee’s… allegedly.

Image courtesy of: Getty Images

According to NJ.com Hiram Jimenez of Trenton, New Jersey visited an Applebee’s in March of 2010 and ordered a hot sizziling skillet of steak fajitas.

As he was praying over his food, he allegedly burned his eye and face on the skillet when his head was bowed to close to the skillet. The burning caused him to freak out and knock the hot skillet on to his lap, causing more burns…allegedly.

Here’s the thing though, none of the burns were bad enough to leave scars yet Jimenez thought he could successfully sue Applebee’s for negligence. One problem with that, anyone who has any sense whatsoever knows that a flaming hot skillet full of food is going to cause burns if you touch it, which means; you probably SHOULDN’T TOUCH IT!

The courts ruled yesterday that the law suit would not be moving forward because it was Jimenez’s fault for burning himself. Finally, a court with some common sense.

Why is it so hard for someone to take responsibility for their own mistakes? When did our first reaction upon f’ing up change from, ‘my bad’ to, ‘this is your fault, now I’m going to sue?’ It’s really quite mind boggling how our culture has changed into this “sue happy” nation. Click here for the full story.

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