KFC has done it now..


Just when you think we have reached the apex of fatness, the creators of the double down sandwich 
take unhealthy to the next level, and then throw cheese sauce on it. 

It's impressive and a little crazy, KFC's ability to take something and normal as a hot dog and take 
it from normal food to 'MERICA FOOD.

This monstrosity is a hot dog covered in cheese sauce.. and instead of a bread bun.. a fried chicken 
bun. why? because, Why The-F-NOT?? I might even try one (if im in the Philippines), because i wasn't 
gonna use those last 2 months of my life anyway.

KFC is even trying to limit the number of these sold in each branch. Take it from me as someone close
to advertising... that is a marketing ploy. The limit may be real, but its a way to drum(stick?) up 
interest. THANKFULLY, this colossal calorie concoction is only in the Philippines... for now. 

It is merely a thing to witness, like a food train wreck, you just cant look away.


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