Couple receives “Loud Sex” noise complaint over Mario Kart

This Story from Reddit is great! A woman says she was heading to her car on Monday morning when one of her neighbors came 
outside and asked if he could speak to her for a moment.

He said he could hear the woman and her husband having LOUD SEX the night before . . . and his eight-year-old son heard it too. 
The truth is almost more embarrassing.. The neighbor hadn't heard them having sex . . . he heard them playing "Mario Kart."

Apparently the woman was losing repeatedly to her husband in "Mario Kart," and every time he was about to hit her kart with a shell, 
she'd yell out, "Eff me!"  She yelled it enough times that the neighbor confused it for sex.

As always the comments on Reddit almost eclipse the story, so enjoy: REDDIT



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