Food Truck Frenzy 2019

We here at NRQ are all about good eats

And all you have to do is look outside your office window to be able to see some of the best stuff the Willamette Valley has to offer. Food trucks are everywhere in our community, and they’re all great. But we always had fights over which one was the best. So we figure we would let you guys decide for us!

Listen to NRQ Tuesdays and Thursdays for interviews with different vendors. Then, after getting a chance to hear what they’re all about, GET OUT THERE. Eat some of what they offer. Then, after you’ve had a chance to check it all out, and listen to what our crew has to say, come check out this page and give your favorite a vote. After all, the entire reason food trucks become big is because of you guys and spreading the word. We’ll tally up the votes and pick the big winner. But none of that is possible without you guys. So get out and eat, and let your voice be heard!

Voting will be closed June 27 at 6 pm, when you can join us at the Ninkasi Tasting Room from 5-7 pm to party with Beefcake and crown our winner(s).

It’s the #NRQ #FoodTruckFrenzy, brought to you by KNRQ and Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Visit our participating food carts by clicking their name:

Dark Side of the Q, Bartolotti’s Pizza, Bacon Nation, Vinnie’s Smokin’ BBQ, Red Five Hotdog Company, Subo Sushi, The Zingaro, Chaiyo Thai Food Truck, and The Sandwich League.

And check out their interviews with Emma:

Vote below:


Food Truck Frenzy 2019

Which Food Cart Is Your Favorite?


IDKHow At Skip’s

IDKHow At Skip’s

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me played a fantastic in-store show for our listeners at Skip’s Records & CD World.